“To become an international company with value of professionalism, empathy, and mutually beneficial basic principles in performing business and to enhanced all its resources”
That is ASM ultimate goal. To achieve that, we had 3 core values that has been embedded in our company: Quality, Safety and Manpower Development.

We at ASM always make quality safety as priority and we want to express how our people support the safety principles and lifesaving rules. We want to demonstrate our leadership and inspire others to embrace quality and safety. It means taking care for ourselves, each other and the environment in which we work. This commitment will serve the interests of our clients and other stakeholders and enable our company to deliver its best performance. Care for people is in the heart of our company.

ASM has made manpower development an integral part of their business culture. All people working at ASM, are expected to be proactive in meeting their responsibility to work safely and efficiently. We commit to develop our people further with goodness and gracious.

Faris Muhammad Abdurrahim

President Director