Rock Dumping for Intake & Outfall
Pipe Protection

Central Java Project Coal Fire Power Plant 2x 1000 MW Client : Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Read More

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Dredging for Intake & Outfall
Lotte Line Project

Dredging works at intake & outfall pipeline Lotte Chemical Plant using Grab Dredger located in Cilegon, Banten. Read More

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Scouring Protection Backfilling

Scouring Protection Backfilling for Intake & Outfall Pipeline PLTU Batang Read More

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Survey Services for Paring Lahung
Port Development Project

Topographic survey, Bathymetric survey and soil investigation for Paring Lahung Port devlopment project, Central Kalimantan Read More

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Dredging & Disposal Works at
Patimban Port Development (III)

Dredging and disposal work for Patimban Port development project Subang, West Java Read More

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Maintenance Dredging

Engineering service for jetty maintenance dredging at LNG Tangguh, Papua Read More

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ASM on IPA Convex 2023

ASM on IPA Convex 2023

ASM on IPA Convex 2023 On July 24-26th, 2023, PT ASM was participat- ing in the 47th IPA Convention and Exhibition (47th IPA Convex) at ICE BSD City. The IPA Convex stands as Indonesia’s largest oil & gas convention, focusing on the critical topic of upstream investment in light of the ongoing energy transition period. This event served as a gathering point for key stakeholders, including policymakers, global energy leaders, and industry professionals, engaging in enlightening panel discussions and technical presentations. This momentous gathering presented an ideal opportunity for PT. ASM to demonstrate its expertise as a marine construction specialist, Read More

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking Training The significance of communication skills in the workplace cannot be overstated. From enhancing collaboration and building relationships to increasing productivity and driving customer satisfaction, strong communication skills are fundamental for individual and organizational success. Employers should prioritize fostering a communication-friendly environment and invest in training programs to develop and sharpen these invaluable skills among their employees. By doing so, they can unlock the full potential of their workforce and achieve remarkable results in today’s highly competitive business landscape. In February 24 – 26, 2023 PT. Anugerah Samudera Madanindo has partnered with TALKINC, a renowned expert in communication Read More

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Grab Dredger

Bianca 8 155 Ton / 8 m3 Clamshell Bucket Read More

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Crane Barge

Draco 100 Ton / 4 m3 Clamshell Bucket Read More

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